Janette Medina

Janette Medina has served patients as a Lipstick Angel since 2015
What inspired you to apply to become a Lipstick Angel?
I must say the one thing that truly inspired me to become a Lipstick Angel would be the emotional aspect of it. I am currently in the process of pursuing my career as a medical physician. I wanted to see how not only physically but emotionally and psychologically this illness affects the patients and their loved ones. My volunteer work as a Lipstick Angel has completely transformed my philosophy about medical care. When Lipstick Angels are with patients they feel as though they are just normal people hanging out with one of their girlfriends bonding over beauty products. Often times you hear the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child". No, it takes a village to save a life.

What is your stranded-on-a desert island beauty must have?
Highlighter!! I love the look of skin glistening in the sun.

Please share your most memorable moment or patient interaction as a Lipstick Angel.
I had the opportunity to interact with a pediatric patient. She was in the hospital for over a month, by herself in a room. We bonded over our love of the same TV show, and after that, what should have been a quick 20 minute pampering session turned into nearly 2 hours! We listened to music while I applied a full face of makeup on her and had our own little dance party. When I was done she thanked me, not just for giving her a makeover, but for treating her like a 16 year old girl instead of someone who was battling cancer.

What advice would you give to people interested in becoming a Lipstick Angel?
Have an open heart and an open mind. Often times during our sessions patients begin to get comfortable and will talk about how their disease has impacted their life physically, emotionally and personally. As a Lipstick Angel, it is our goal to brighten up their day. You'd be surprised how far a simple swipe of lipstick can go in making someone smile.

What word best describes how you feel about what you do for patients?

Thank you Janette - we know that you will be an amazing physician! XO