Do you love connecting with people—making a difference in their lives? If you are a professional makeup artist and/or hold an esthetician license and are interested in becoming a Lipstick Angel, we would love to meet you! When you volunteer with us, you will be helping a diverse group of individuals affected by cancer who will benefit from your time, skills, and beauty expertise.


● Must be 21 years of age or older.
● Must have minimum one year of experience as a professional makeup artist and/or hold an esthetician license.
● Commit to volunteering for at least one year. Hospital volunteers must volunteer at least twice a month (two three-hour shifts, weekdays only). Virtual volunteers must volunteer at least 6 hours per month (six one-hour shifts, weekdays only).
● All volunteers are required to complete Lipstick Angels’ training. Hospital Volunteers must also complete a separate hospital application process and any mandatory general orientation protocols.
● Hospital volunteers must complete necessary health requirements. Including a tuberculosis screening, flu shot, and Covid-19 vaccine on an annual basis to maintain an active status.
● Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with, and take direction from, a multi-disciplinary team.
● Demonstrate a warm and empathetic personality.
● Possess strong communication skills.
● Be willing and able to relate to a diverse patient population without bias as to race, color, religion, sexual orientation and/or social status.
● Be mindful of your position. Do not offer unsolicited advice and NEVER offer any medical advice of any kind to a patient.


Angel Testimonial

Being a Lipstick Angel has been (by far) the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I’m grateful every day for the beautiful Angels and patients that I’ve connected with through this incredible program.

- Emily Stollman, Lipstick Angel

I see emotionally challenging days for patients that are made lighter by your touch, family members that would otherwise feel helpless give thanks for raising the spirits of their loved ones, and patients with side effects that are relieved by your intervention. It reinforces how vital Lipstick Angels’ partnership is in caring for the whole person. We truly appreciate you and all that you do.

- Marisa Quinn, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BCDirector of Nursing, Infusion Centers and Cancer Support Services

I'm grateful and humble by the relationships that I have made with patients and nurses. It brings me such joy to brighten someone's day. My perspective on life has dramatically changed as a Lipstick Angel.


The joy that illuminates patient's eyes when they see a Lipstick Angel is what I love the most about volunteering at the hospital. When there, I am reminded of what amazing work we do. I am very greatful and I couldn't have wished for a better organisation to be a part of.