Clarisse Aoanan

Clarisse has served patients as a Lipstick Angel since 2015.

Why do you think a session with a Lipstick Angel is an important part of a patient's well-being?

Lipstick Angel pampering sessions are so much more than makeup application and facial treatments. We are using beauty products to transport someone into a better place. That is a special kind of healing. During a Lipstick Angel session, we get the opportunity to offer companionship and compassion. I've learned that simply listening is so important and can make such a difference in a person’s day.

Your career choice as a cosmetic scientist was inspired by Lipstick Angels! Tell us about that.

When I became a Lipstick Angel, I truly learned what people, especially those with compromised skin, look for not just in their cosmetics, but in all their personal care items. Patients always ask me about the products we use and that encouraged me to relentlessly research ingredients and brands. My eyes were opened to the reality of harsh chemicals found in most of the products we encounter daily and how these products cause negative, long-term physiological damage. I decided to pursue a career in cosmetic science because I want to educate and offer people clean skincare and cosmetics. I want to help the public understand what they are putting on themselves and in their bodies on a daily basis.

We know you love to travel - dream destination?
Santorini, Greece :)

What has been your most memorable interaction with a patient?
My most memorable interaction was with a patient who is around my age. I would see him often because coincidentally, he would receive treatment on the days that I volunteer. We quickly became friends. While some days were tough, I was able to be there for him all the way through his last treatment. It was incredible to see someone my age fight one of life's toughest battles and watch him succeed. I've learned so much from that experience and am truly humbled to have been his friend through that process.

What word best describes how you feel about what you do for patients?
I am PROUD to be a Lipstick Angel and to be part of a community that empowers people every day.


We can't wait to see the wonderful, safe cosmetics you'll create. Thank you Clarisse! XO