Juli Tang

After 5 years of service, the incredible Juli is leaving Lipstick Angels to focus on her upcoming job as a new mother. We are so excited for her!
Juli, congratulations on your pregnancy! When are you due and how are you feeling?

Thanks so much! Both my husband and I are super excited to welcome our baby on 9/5/17. For the most part I have been feeling ok aside from the occasional nausea. :(

Looking back over your years as a volunteer, can you tell us the impact it has had on you?

Volunteering with Lipstick Angels has really taught me to be more accepting of others and to appreciate the smaller things in life. I have met so many great people both within the organization and at the hospital and will miss the interaction with the patients the most.

What is your stranded-on-a desert island beauty must have?
Blotting tissues!! I cant live without them. My skin is so oily and I have to blot it at least 10 times a day.

Has your work as a Lipstick Angel inspired you to continue volunteer service sometime in the future?
Oh most definitely! After the pregnancy and once my schedule clears up, I would love to return and volunteer with Lipstick Angels again.

As a Lipstick Angel, how would you describe what you do for patients?


Thank you Juli! You will always be a part of the Lipstick Angels family! XO