Angel of the Month

Rikka has been a Lipstick Angel for one year.

What inspired you to become a Lipstick Angel?
I had been looking for an organization like Lipstick Angels that would allow me to use my esthetic and makeup artistry skills to enhance and better the lives of those that need nurturing and healing. My aunt had breast cancer and I always found myself pampering her and getting her all glammed up while I was at her bedside. Seeing her reaction to how beautiful she looked always made me happy. I wanted to find an organization that allowed me to do exactly that. I'm so glad that I found Lipstick Angels.

Please share your most memorable moment or patient interaction as a Lipstick Angel.
My most memorable moments as a Lipstick Angel have been when I've given patients facial massages and they feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. It lets me know that they trust me to help nurture and care for them in the moment and that they are also enjoying the treatment.

You are such an amazing makeup artist! Can you tell us about your training?
I have been working in the beauty industry for about 9 years; I went to an art college in San Francisco where I first majored in fine arts, then eventually fashion design. I loved painting and during that time I got my first real job as a makeup artist. I look at a face like my canvas. I feel like going to art school allowed me to embrace gifts within myself, that I was once not aware of. Being a makeup artist is such a rewarding experience because I am able to enhance people's features and help them to see their natural beauty.

You always wear such gorgeous lip color, but if you had to pick ONE for your desert island must-have, which is the winner?
If I had to pick one lip color it would definitely be a gorgeous RED! It is such a strong and bold color, and also the color of love. I love a nice red that reminds me of the red color Marilyn Monroe used to wear on her lips.

What one word best describes how you feel about what you do for patients while they are receiving their chemotherapy/treatment in the hospital?


Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us, Rikka!