Renata Helfman


Meet Renata Helfman, Founder of Lipstick Angels

Founder - The spark for Renata to create Lipstick Angels was lit by Betty Elkes, her fierce grandmother, two-time cancer and Holocaust survivor who had a pre-chemotherapy ritual that always included applying her favorite lipstick. Renata, a renowned, professional celebrity makeup artist, completely understood the idea that wearing lipstick was a red badge of courage—that a few swipes could instantly ground you, brighten your face, and elevate your spirit. 

While volunteering at Los Angeles’ Cedar Sinai Hospital, Renata discovered patients’ profound and unmet needs for human touch and connection, as well as wellness and beauty services. She made it her mission to meet those needs and offer these courageous women and men a bedside visit offering supportive care during chemotherapy. By providing wellness, makeup, and skincare services using clean beauty products, Renata connected with patients in their cancer journey and saw firsthand the healing benefits and an improvement in their emotional well-being. 

After a year of research and development—in collaboration with the Epidemiology Department at Cedars Sinai—Renata officially launched Lipstick Angels in March 2012 and keeps the spark glowing brightly for all those affected by cancer.

During her 15 years working as a celebrity makeup artist, Renata cultivated a passion for chemical-free products and has become an advocate for all of the positive benefits that clean beauty, skincare, and wellness have on the body and mind. Utilizing her professional background in the clean beauty industry, Renata began Lipstick Angels in 2012. As the Founder and Executive Director at Lipstick Angels, Renata has made it her mission to bring beauty, compassion, and human touch to cancer patients through Lipstick Angels’ uplifting support services that bring joy and uplift people who are dealing with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer treatment. Renata is an entrepreneur, thought leader, professional artist, and cancer-support advocate with significant experience in brand management, volunteer management, professional presentation, public relations, organizational strategy, and relationship building.