Gina Arellano

Regional Director, San Francisco Bay Area - Gina Arellano was always drawn to natural health and wellness. She has more than a decade of experience in sales, management, and marketing, as well as roles in health, holistic beauty, and wellness. Gina has many certifications in various techniques for non-invasive and anti-aging technologies, as well as completing the Cinta Aveda Institute's CIDESCO program.

An artist who is passionate about painting and creating digital art, she also does makeup and has a love for clean beauty. With a thirst for holistic knowledge and a commitment to action, she is a success. She became a volunteer for Lipstick Angels in 2019, which inspired her to shift her career to focus on the positive impact that clean beauty can have. The gratification she receives from helping patients and building up their self-esteem is priceless, and she enjoys being that helping hand.