Tata Harper Skincare x Lipstick Angels

Tata Harper | Founder, Tata Harper Skincare

We are so grateful for the support that you give to Lipstick Angels. Your products are truly essential in helping us provide t beauty services to patients. Can you tell us about your connection to our purpose?

Cancer, unfortunately, affected someone very close to me – my stepfather. I was inspired to create the line after he was diagnosed. It was during this time and the many doctor visits I accompanied him on that I discovered how the products we use daily play such a major role in our health. I started reading ingredient labels and realized that even the most luxurious products are full of potentially toxic synthetic chemicals.

"Lipstick Angels is truly inspiring. Offering patients a personal touch, a skincare regimen, a touch-up, when they are experiencing something so difficult hopefully gives them a moment of relaxation. Being able to provide sick patients with these little pleasures in life, the feeling of normalcy, it’s so important. "

It is beyond impressive that you grow most of the ingredients in your products on your 1200-acre farm! Please tell us a bit about your creative process, and how you get from start to finish with a formulation.

Our entire process starts with the client. What skincare concerns or issues can we help them solve? I am really lucky to get this insight firsthand from my customers. I travel around the world and meet with customers at in-store events, beauty classes, etc., and love speaking with so many different women and hearing their feedback. Our clients really inspire a lot of our newness.

Then, we ideate around the job that needs to be done (what product we are going to make) and what skincare benefits do that job the best. Next is the research phase, where we develop a deep understanding of the skin concerns we want to solve and identify an extensive list of natural materials that deliver the targeted results. After that, formulation begins and we create, test, and edit until it’s perfect.

Before you were a skincare guru, you were an industrial engineer. Do you find that there is a strong connection between those two fields?

Definitely! I use my engineering brain all the time. Industrial engineering deals with production, factories, and various systems. We are totally vertically integrated, so our 1,200-acre Certified Organic farm in Vermont has afforded us the opportunity to do everything ourselves. We don’t outsource or take shortcuts - we formulate, batch, and fill every single one of our products. Having a background in industrial engineering inspired me to make the company vertically integrated in the first place and gave me the courage to do it.

If you could give one piece of advice to people looking to achieve beautiful skin, what would it be?

Be consistent. Consistency is so important with your skincare, repeating a regimen every morning and evening. Especially with your two main anti-aging products – serum and eye cream.

Tata Harper is the founder of Tata Harper Skincare and a proud supporter of Lipstick Angels. Thank you, Tata, for all you do to bring joy to our patients!