Meet Michelle | Lipstick Angel

Meet Michelle De Luca | Lipstick Angel since 2016.


What inspired you to become a Lipstick Angel?

I feel very fortunate to be in an industry that I am passionate about and thought volunteering for Lipstick Angels would be an amazing opportunity to give back. Having a humanitarian spirit and reading about this organization was very inspiring. My perspective on life has dramatically changed as an ambassador for Lipstick Angels.

Why do you think patients love Lipstick Angel services so much?

I feel the time we spend with our patients has a tremendous impact on their lives. Patients feel pampered and comfortable knowing our organization is using natural, non-toxic products. Our volunteers show compassion and professionalism at all times.

You just recently began working at an amazing holistic day spa! Tell us about that.

I recently started working for an amazing spa called DermaGarden, which uses fresh herbs, flowers, and oils in lieu of today's processed skin care. I love the whole holistic approach to skincare!

Stranded on a desert island! What would be your beauty must have.

Sunscreen of course!

What word best describes how you feel about what you do for patients?



Good luck in your new job and thank you for sharing your kind and giving spirit as a Lipstick Angel!