Graydon x Lipstick Angels


Meet Graydon | Founder, Graydon Skincare

Graydon, you have worn many hats during your illustrious career - chef, yogi, wellness coach, and now skincare creator and guru! What inspired you to create your line? Did you have a mentor?

I was working within the wellness industry and moved back to Toronto to become a yoga instructor. I started off by making products for my students, but I did hit a wall of burnout. After that, I decided to focus on holistic wellness and products. I originally started by making things in my kitchen then I brought on team members. I believe that you need to feed yourself from the outside in. I don’t just have one mentor I have many, from family members to yogis to culinary icons and business people, picking just one is difficult.

We love that you call yourself "Chief Idea Officer". Do you have a process for coming up with ideas for new products, or is it more of an aha moment?

I don’t have a formal process, I always have product development going on in my head. I’m inspired by culinary and beauty trends and how they coincide, so figuring out how to c a product that is aligned with that and my passion for p ingredients is always ongoing. It comes down to a conversation with our product developer and how we can source it from a supplier who gives us t and efficient ingredients.

Ok, for those of us who are into simplicity with our routines, what are three items that everyone needs in their arsenal for healthy skin?

A cleanser is a non-negotiable, g skin starts with healthy skin. So when you have a clean slate you will start seeing the benefits. Our Aloe Milk Cleanser or Face Foam is the perfect base. Then a basic moisturizer is key! It offers a great balance between w hydration and o moisturization. It’s an emulsion between water and o ingredients. Determining what’s best for your skin, it can be light and water or rich and oiled. A moisturizer for all seasons is our Skin Stuff. Lastly, I’d go with a moisturizing face mist or a serum. It is a great way to boost a basic routine, ideally, you’d use both. Face food would be my first choice. You can amplify the benefits and can be reapplied during the day, plus it doubles as a toner. Fullmoon is also a great choice as it has many benefits like vitamin C, retinol, and more.

What do you consider your biggest challenge in running a business?

I was warned that starting a business would be challenging, but I ignored it. It was a daunting experience becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business from scratch. It may be challenging but it’s a wonderful opportunity to be the leader and keep the vision strong when it’s easy to be distracted by regular things like cash flow, technology, and more. With the pandemic and economical downpour, it’s hard to put on a brave face some days, but I believe that we can make beauty better and that our business will leave the world a better place. Plus, finding a team that aligns with my beliefs makes us so strong and mighty that we can overcome roadblocks.

You are obviously working all the time! What does a perfect, non-workday look like for you?

Yes, all the time! Embarrassingly, I’m the person who goes to bed looking at her phone and wakes up looking at her phone. It’s not a good self-practice. As a workaholic, a non-workday sounds like a dream. I would do some sort of outdoor activity, like walking with my dog. Maybe an excursion to my favorite farmers market to buy my favorite ingredients and batch cook for the week! Creating a delicious meal to eat or share with someone is very meaningful and grounding to me. I would start and probably end my day in bed doing a meditation and then fall asleep right away. I think not rushing and connecting with people is so authentic and very energizing.