Joanna MacDonald

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Joanna has been a Lipstick Angel since January 2017.

What inspired you to become a Lipstick Angels Ambassador?
Working on a photo shoot with someone who was, at that time, battling cancer. Seeing how good having her hair and make-up done made her feel made me want to find a way to do more.
What has been your most memorable moment or patient interaction as a Lipstick Angel?
It was an older gentleman who came to the hospital alone for his medical treatments. I don't think he had very much human interaction in his life. After giving him a hydrating facial, he told me that he felt so relaxed and happy that someone had made time for him. He even Facetimed his sister in Mexico to tell her all about it! I got to say hello to her too which was really special.

As a seasoned Hair Stylist, you often change your cut and color. Do you have any Expert tips regarding how our patients should be caring for their hair before, during and/or after treatment?

Be gentle with yourself and your hair. Treat yourself to healthy, quality hair products and soft brushes. Also, maybe even take this time to venture outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a new style or the latest trend!

You and your family are moving back to your native Scotland next month. What will you miss most about your Lipstick Angels Ambassadorship?

Everything! I very much look forward to my shifts on the hospital floor. I love the positive, warm and friendly welcome I get from the entire Infusion Center staff. Mostly, I will miss the feeling of knowing that I have brightened up a challenging morning for someone and distracted him/her for a little while with an uplifting treatment using some of the very best natural and organic skincare and cosmetic products on the market!

What one word best describes how you feel after you finish your shift at the hospital?



Thank you for your service as a Lipstick Angel, Joanna! We will miss you, but wish you all the best in Scotland. XOXO