Todd Cancer Institute

In September 2014, Lipstick Angels launched a new program at Long Beach Memorial’s new Todd Cancer Institute.  This innovative cancer center is at the forefront of cancer management and takes an integrative approach to medicine that addresses the mind, body and spirit.

 The Lipstick Angels program perfectly complements the cancer center’s existing services and adds a new dimension of care by focusing on patient’s self-esteem and promoting the use of healthy cosmetic products.  Lipstick Angels provides its elements of care through compassionate delivery of makeup and skin care to cancer and other chronically ill patients, easing the burden of patient’s encounter with disease.  Our volunteers not only provide beauty services, they are sensitive to the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient, providing a small oasis of time, touch and attention in the middle of the storm of illness and disease.

Two, three-hour shifts per week are offered to patients undergoing outpatient chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.  Services include makeup application, mini facials/skin care and hand massages.