Lipstick Angels is proud to announce our partnership with Credo Beauty. Credo is one of the nation’s first stores to offer a wide array of all natural products, providing health-conscious customers a one-stop-shop for safe, chemical-free and ethically sourced cosmetics.  
A portion of every Credo Beauty purchase is donated to Lipstick Angels

Many times people who are coping with a cancer diagnosis and going through chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment find themselves taking a good look at their personal care products. Either they are extra sensitive to products that they have used their whole lives, or they want to be more aware of their environmental toxicity load, or both. It is crucial that they have access to healthy, nourishing skincare and beauty products during this time.

We have united with Credo to spread our mission to use only the healthiest, natural products without known harmful ingredients. In all of our hospital programs, Lipstick Angels is dedicated to educating our patients, the hospital staff and the larger community about the benefits of natural, chemical-free products on the body and mind.  

In celebration of this relationship, Credo Beauty has generously offered to support Lipstick Angels by donating a  portion of all in-store and online sales. In addition, Credo and Lipstick Angels Founder Renata Helfman have partnered to develop a Lipstick Angels makeup kit filled with the highest quality products specifically geared towards people coping with the negative side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. These specialized kits provide our patients with the best and most innovative products.