Samuel Oschin Cancer Center

After a year of research and development in collaboration with the Epidemiology Department at Cedars Sinai, Lipstick Angels’ had successfully developed safe and tested hospital beauty kits.  The program officially launched in March 2012.  Since then, Lipstick Angels has provided a wide range of support services to patients at Cedars-Sinai including makeup application, skin care, and hand massages to cancer patients.  When the program began at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Lipstick Angels only offered one, three-hour session per week.   Due to the program’s success, sessions are now available up to four times a week in Cedar’s Samuel Oschin Cancer Center.

During shifts, patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation receive beauty services during treatment. Volunteers work in collaboration with the Cancer Centers’ nursing staff, who helps promote the program and identify potential patients that may benefit from Lipstick Angels services. 

“Renata, thank you and the Lipstick Angels so much for your generosity. My makeup was so beautiful and it was such a special day. The fact that you volunteer your time to make someone like me who is battling breast cancer feel better, meant the world to me. I couldn’t have hoped for more!”

​ Hermione - Spa Day, Cedar Sinai