Meet Sandra | Lipstick Angel

Sandra is approaching her first year as a Lipstick Angel.


What inspired you to become a Lipstick Angel?

While attending beauty school, I watched a close friend battle cancer and I remember feeling helpless. I couldn't make it go away, so I offered to give her some skincare treatments to give her some peace and relaxation so she could gather more strength. After I received my Esthetics license, I searched for organizations where I could do the same for others and found Lipstick Angels. I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing group committed to making a difference.

Congratulations on completing your Oncology Spa Training! How will this new knowledge better prepare you for working with patients in the infusion center?

Oncology training gave me in-depth knowledge of different types of cancer, how they attack the body, the various cancer treatments currently being used and how each particular treatment and/or specific type of medication affects the skin. This has given me the tools to appropriately modify patient care according to diagnosis and medication.

We know you are super passionate about skincare - if you had to pick one absolute "must-have", what would that be?

My absolute must-have would be a great oil cleanser. The first step to healthy skin is clean skin!

Why do you think patients love Lipstick Angel services so much?

When I introduce myself to patients and tell them why I'm there, their faces light up! They cannot believe they are going to be pampered. Patients have told me they love our services because it takes them away from their illness for a moment and gives them a sense of peace.

What one word best describes how you feel after you finish your shift at the hospital?



Thank you and congratulations on completing your Oncology Spa Training, Sandra!