Monica Behan

Creator of Modicum Skincare, Founder of the Compassionate Care Foundation, and Generous Supporter & Friend of Lipstick Angels

Without the support from people like Monica, the Lipstick Angels would not be where we are today. Her dedication to uplifting the cancer community with the amazing Modicum products is simply incredible. We are so lucky to have her support and share her powerful story.

I read that you had a health scare and you used your own inventive serums, which sped your recovery. What advice do you have for someone going through chemo on how to heal and push through the struggles? 

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Practice acts of self-care and compassion. Be the mother and the child. How would you take care of a loved one who is wiped out and “down to the bone”. Create the space that makes you feel safe and nurtured.

After your husband was diagnosed with cancer, you also started the “Compassionate Care Foundation” and developed the “C-line” that is also plant-based. We are so grateful for your donation. Tell us how you feel that our missions are aligned?

Both Lipstick Angels and the Compassionate Care Foundation are devoted to people affected by cancer in treatment and recovery offering comfort and relief. We both come from a compassionate caring heart space.

Tell us more about Modicum. How does it continue to integrate empathy with compassionate self-care and why is it plant-based?

Our products are plant based because plant cells and human cells are similarly comprised and are more readily integrated into our body without causing any harm. We are creating a direct experience for the individual to discover nature’s internal healing abilities while unleashing their own, transcending helplessness into empowerment through the practice of compassionate self-care.

The name Modicum means to have a small quantity of something. What inspired you to invent skincare in small batches and make them potent yet so effective?  

I believe that we don’t need a lot of ingredients or a lot of products, just a small amount of the right ones. If we feed the skin cells the nutrients they need, our body’s own natural intelligence restores its balance.

How do you continue to find your passion for skincare while sourcing the best ingredients available?  

I am passionate about plants and their healing abilities. When we use harmful chemicals on plants, such as pesticides, we compromise their biochemistry, and when we use harmful chemicals on ourselves we compromise our own. That is enough to keep me seeking raw materials around the world with integrity. Ones that don’t disrupt the endocrine system and our overall health.  

Your entrepreneurship is so inspiring! What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own skincare line?

Don’t do it! LOL. But seriously when starting your own product line take great consideration how your products and packaging will affect the consumers overall health as well as the health of the planet. Be conscious every step of the way. Only do it because you love it because it is a lot of work for a lot of years!

Monica, your commitment to clean beauty and compassion for those living with cancer is an inspiration to so many! The Lipstick Angels are honored to have your generous support and we thank you for everything you continue to do in the spirit of empowering and motivating others.