Lipstick Angels' mission is to strengthen the dignity, hope, and self-
esteem of individuals with cancer or other chronic illness


Lipstick Angels is a nonprofit organization that provides clean-beauty and wellness programs that aim to restore the dignity, hope, and self-esteem to cancer patients by offering complimentary, personalized, and oncology-sensitive beauty and skin care services in hospitals at patients’ bedsides or while they are receiving treatment.

Administered by professional make-up artists and estheticians, Lipstick Angels programs support those diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illness through restorative and nurturing services that allow hospitals to offer a holistic experience to their patients by catering to the physical and emotional side effects of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses. Through human touch, compassion and care, we create an intimate environment that fosters kindness and connection; contributing to recovery and nourishing the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Lipstick Angels’ services offer patients of all genders the opportunity to experience a variety of spa services including hydrating facials, comforting hand massages, aromatherapy, makeup applications and eyebrow shaping. Our goal is to create a space for each person to feel pampered in the moment and to spark empowerment and joy through the unique practice of self-care.  


Our values guide the organization and set the standards by which we serve patients:

  • Courage: We recognize the determination, drive, and bravery of the patients we serve. We value our Angels’ compassion and commitment to serve patients.  

  • Respect: We understand that each patient is an individual who deserves to be treated as a whole person with unique needs, values, and preferences

  • Dignity: We appreciate the innate value and worth of each patient and strive to create an environment in which all patients feel comfortable and in-control of the services they receive while undergoing treatment for cancer or other chronic illnesses

  • Compassion: We utilize touch to physically and emotionally connect with patients to create an environment that fosters caring, healing, and wholeness

  • Quality: We strive to provide exceptional patient-centered services that surpass our clients’ expectations to promote the healing and well-being of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. We use the highest-quality natural and chemical free products to conscientiously care for our clients.


These pillars provide the framework and foundation for all we do:

  • Service: We have assembled a committed team of make-up artists, certified estheticians, and wellness professionals selected for their professionalism, expertise, compassion, and commitment to Lipstick Angels’ mission and values. We provide high-quality and compassionate clean-beauty and wellness services that are carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.​

  • Education: We provide comprehensive training to our team in the areas of patient care, oncology esthetics, oncology massage for the hands and face, aromatherapy, clean-beauty products, and the transformative importance of touch and active listening. We teach the patients, their families, the caregivers, their health care team, and the community about the benefits of our hands-on, caring approach and the advantages of using natural, chemical-free beauty and wellness products.

  • Innovation: We provide a unique, cutting-edge, and ever-evolving program that is not available anywhere else. We are committed to the continual pursuit of new and effective ways of caring for our patients through new beauty products as well as new wellness and healing modalities. 

"Thank you for reminding me that I am not defined by my illness and for rekindling the fire within me! You are truly amazing!"